Members form the integral core and soul of our space. As West London's answer to a lack of openly accessible ceramic studios, we are quickly growing a family of ceramic lovers. People who want to spend time honing their skills and being in the company of other inspiring individuals, join our studios on a membership basis. Members use the space as their own collective artists residence, where they share and expand on their joint knowledge, allowing for creative growth together.

For the meantime, we are focused on filling the space with those who would like to concentrate on their ceramic practice, and as time goes on, we also intend on starting to have bi-monthly dinners & tastings, artist movie-screenings, clay-digs around the country, and to begin inviting artists to hold specialized workshops and talks with us, expanding the arena of knowledge in what is possible in the ceramic medium.


Alongside this, we will look at moving towards working with other organisations to hold fairs and exhibit select works of our members. We know that the creative urge is ever-expansive and fed by the artists' surroundings, so our aim is to create a fertile environment for the bloom of creativity.


Email us to find out more about how to join our expanding artists corner and discover what we can offer! For further details of how to sign-up, and to check whether there is still availability, please email from our contact page or enquire at ask@theclaygarden.com. Spaces are very limited.

If you are interested in Classes, please click here.

* Minimum sign-up : 2 months. We retain a months deposit for the duration. One month notice of leaving required.

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◊  £230 p/m  ◊

(very limited availability)


※ 19 hours of studio use per week

※ Full use of ceramic equipment

※ All firings included

※ Selection of 15 glazes to use freely

※ Your own shelving for tools, sketchbooks etc (circ.90cm x 40cm x 50cm)

※ Extra shelving for works-in-the-making

※ Space dedicated to storing your own clays

※ Different clays, glaze making powders, oxides, at wholesale prices

※ A lovely staff member is always on hand to answer questions!

※ Invitation to our private dinner gatherings at the studio

◊  £30 drop-in session (3hrs)  ◊

※ Untutored use of studio

※ Clay sold by weight

※ Use of glazes & firings

Please click here to contact us about Membership. If you would like to join but are struggling to see an option which suits, do email and let us see what we can do for you.

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Address: Railway Arch 63,

Cambridge Grove,


W6 0LD


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