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Come along to one of our fun classes to pick up a plethora of new skills and begin to learn how to create the things you've always wanted to, whilst having a good time in the company of others just like you!


The warm atmosphere of our classes, means it's a space to share, be inspired and really get to grips with the taught methods, as you spend time practicing all the skills you pick up. The most common feedback is how fast time flies and how therapeutic this medium is. Instantly addictive, students may choose to re-enrol on a 12-week course on an indefinite basis, so they can continue with their projects, or they might choose to take different classes through the year. This way, they can build on their repertoir of skills as they progress in their practice, this also being the perfect way to build up to a membership, which is more openly self-led.

Classes are held in the mornings and evenings, whilst special workshops vary in times. Even if you have never touched clay before, come join one of our 'Sampler' days to see if this is your cup of tea, and we'll take it from there!

* Spaces limited, so please email to express interest or to be placed on the waiting-list.

"A year from now you may wish you had started today." Karen Lamb

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Other workshops coming soon...:

'making a teapot', 'making a plate', porcelain flower-making, glazing courses, plaster mold-making, throwing workshops, and more...

(please email your interest so we can put you on our waiting list).

*Weigh and pay for clay: clay weighed and paid for at £6 per 1kg

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Address: Railway Arch 63,

Cambridge Grove,


W6 0LD


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