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Come along to one of our fun classes to pick up a plethora of new skills & begin to learn how to let go, experiment, build something slowly, and unearth a journey, whilst having a good time in the company of others! There has never been a better time to place your wellbeing at the forefront & our pottery home is just the place to soothe your mind.

Clay + Yoga classes are now available to book in Twickenham, as well as Clay + Bubbles!


The warm atmosphere of our classes, means it's a space to share, be inspired and really get to grips with the taught methods, as you spend time practicing all the skills you pick up. The most common feedback is how fast time flies and how therapeutic this medium is. Instantly addictive, students may choose to re-enrol on a 10-week course on an indefinite basis, or they might choose to take different classes through the year.

For a lot of us, it's not about mastering perfection, but about having a blast on the way.

Classes are the perfect way to build up to a membership, which is more openly self-led.

And even if you have never touched clay before, come join one of our 'Discovery' days to see if this is your cup of tea, and we'll take it from there!

* Spaces limited, so please email to express interest or to be placed on the waiting-list.

"A year from now you'll wish you had started today." 

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◊  Private Lesson  ◊

◊  £140 for 1 ◊

◊  £210 for 2 ◊

◊  Groups - special rates  ◊

The 2hr private session is a full focus on the individual / your small group (ask for our group deal). An in-depth lesson in throwing tends to be the most popular choice, but any technique is possible. You may keep all made pieces and pick a gorgeous glaze for the finishing touch! 

◊  Discovery Session  ◊

◊  £130  ◊

Learn the basics of throwing on the wheel, decorating and painting your pieces, and hand-building using the coiling and slab-building techniques, with a good dose of music, tea and cookies to take you through this 4 hour intensive. Prepare to be hooked!


◊  5 Week Beginner  ◊

◊  £250  ◊

This energetic class will take you through a programme of demonstrations and uninterrupted practice during each 3 hour session. You will get a beginners grip on wheel-throwing and trimming, hand-building techniques that include pinching, coiling, press moulding and slab-building, whilst texturing, engraving and finishing all your pieces, which you will then glaze with your selection of our 15 glazes!

(Price includes all except *Weigh and pay for clay.)

◊  10 Week Beginner/ Intermediate/ Progression  ◊

◊  £390  ◊

This 10-weeker takes the 5 week beginners course as its' core, keeping a slower pace and progressing onto development of each person's area of interest, with more detailed demonstrations and plenty of practice time to begin to really hone those skills. Also perfect for those moving between different levels of their practice, and those who want to continue practicing but only wishing to commit 3 hours per week. 

(Includes all except *Weigh and pay for clay.)

Kids & Kids with Parents :

Twickenham has a schedule of adult, kids, and kids and parents sessions - booking now!

Hammersmith is due to begin kids, and kids and parent sessions - so please send in your interest!


*Weigh and pay for clay: clay weighed and paid for at £5 per 1kg

Our cancellation policy for course bookings is 48 hours notice in writing before the start of the course. We can then move you to another course, or offer you a full refund. Should you opt to move to another course, we will not be able to transfer your place a second time or offer you a refund if you cannot attend that course. Should you be unable to attend the course after the 48 hours notice period has elapsed, the course fee is non refundable and your place cannot be moved. You can however gift your place to a friend or someone you know may be able to attend the course! 

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