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Zebra Pattern Painting
  • Membership & Classes waiting list...
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  • How long do we wait until pieces get glazed & fired?
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  • What about pets and kids?
    Pets and kids are very welcome! Please respect that this is a ceramic studio filled with very fragile artsit work, so if your kids have had too much sugar that day, or your pet is feeling unnusually boystrous, think about asking grandma to look after them whilst you come to visit. etc etc Large bags etc.
  • Which equipment do you have?
    Take a look at our Home page! All of the facilities are listed there.
  • How do I get to Clay Kitchen?
    blah blah blah
  • Tell me more about Clay Kitchen...
    Clay Kitchen is ....... open-access ceramic studio with heart. memberships. classes. Artist visitors and specialist workshops. Artsy dinners. Open studios. etc
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